Your Event Is Over, So Now What?

Your Event Is Over, So Now What? BY Posted In Uncategorized

Congratulations, your partnership with your event photographer has yielded a great set of shots. Now what you do to maximise the value of your investment?

Here’s some useful ideas for getting the most from your event photos:

  • Add a watermark. If you didn’t get your photographer to do it, make sure you add one so when the images get shared everyone knows the source. Importantly make sure the watermark or brand is in the same spot on every image. This consistency will help improve your brand recall and it’s something to think about with all images associated with your brand.
  • Pinterest –create a new board of all of the photos of your event. Don’t forget to add a description and tag any celebrities that were in attendance.
  • Instagram – pick some key images and load them to your account. Using your event hashtag and a hashtag for the location or brand can help improve reach here.
  • Next year’s marketing material – set aside your best shots in a dedicated folder ready to go for next year’s event. It will save you plenty of time in the lead up to the next one.
  • Update your website or create a gallery – it seems pretty simple but lots of people forget and it’s important to keep your website fresh.
  • Send images to key guests with a thank you. For real impact, print them out and send a hand written note.
  • Update your Facebook page or event listing and remember where possible to tag people who attended to improve your reach.
  • Get your hero shot professionally framed for your office reception. What a great talking point the next time a client comes into the office.
  • Send some shots to key suppliers. If your event was at an iconic location or you worked with some partners on the event, add value to the relationship with some images they can use in their marketing.
  • Send an email to all your guests with links to the gallery on your website or social media page. This is a great way to keep the conversation going after the event.

These are some of the key places that you can use your shots, but the most important activity after the event is storage! Store your event photos with meaningful names and grouped in folders. This will allow you to easily access them in the future without scrolling through hundreds of images for that one key one.

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