Why Giving A Good Brief Can Make The Most of Your Event.

The Importance Of A Good Brief BY Posted In Photography

Giving Good Brief

Want to get the most out of your event photos? Well the key is to give your photography professional the best brief. Not only will this make the running of the event smoother, it will also ensure that you maximise the value of the assets that you have created.

First things first.

  • What is the objective of the event?
    • Launching a new product
    • Getting PR for a new development
    • Raising money for charity or community partner
    • Celebrating a company milestone or perhaps introducing your new celebrity spokesperson to key stakeholders?

Identifying your objective clearly with your event photographer will help steer the conversation to the next key element of the brief – the shot list.

  • A shot list can be divided into a couple of categories:
    • Must haves – the speech, the handshake, the product etc
    • Branding – how does the brand need to be portrayed. Your style guide is a good asset here
    • People – who are the key people in the room
    • Nice to haves – any other shots that you feel that you could use going forward.

The shot list should be discussed in detail with your event photographer; and the key talent or MC of your event should also be aware of the shots you are looking for.

Then we get to the actual event and there are a number of things your brief should detail:

  • Time and location including bump in, if you are looking for behind the scenes shots
  • The room layout – where your stage, catwalk etc are. How they will be lit and where are the power outlets for additional photography lighting
  • A site visit for a new location is always a good idea, ideally close to the time of your event to understand the natural lighting effects
  • Parking and storage – remember your photographer will have plenty of gear that needs to be accessible during the event
  • Social media – if you are using the photos during the event for your social media channels, the logistics of wifi and the like need to be discussed.

Finally after your successful event, you need to be clear with your event photographer about what, when and how the shots will be used.

Both parties should agree on format, timeframe, watermarks and whether the photographer is able to use them in their own marketing materials.

By answering these important questions before the event you will maximise your potential to have a successful partnership that ensures your event photos always meet the brief.

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