4 Things Event Photography Can Do For Your Awards Ceremony

4 Things Event Photography Can Do For Your Awards Ceremony BY Posted In Photography

4 Things Event Photography Can Do For Your Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony is a lavish occasion of the greatest importance – not only for those collecting the awards but also for the organisers. They can be very lucrative and attract a great amount of attention from both the media and the public. With that in mind, working with an experienced event photographer is crucial to get the best out of your night and helps to:

1. Create a buzz

Not just on the night, but for days, weeks and months after! A good photographer will put guests at ease and add a special memorable touch to your event for your guests – but they will also take a back seat where needed and blend into the event seamlessly. Photography gets people talking about your event for days and weeks after and helps to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

2. Make your award desirable

The more publicity and positive press your award has, the more people will see it and as a consequence the more people will want to win it! Prestigious awards are built around desirability – the better and glossier they look, the more people will want to have their name associated and to win one of your awards over a competitor’s. Photography plays a part in this because slick, well-presented imagery is imperative to compliment good branding and polished design.

3. Spread the word and raise awareness

Good photography for your awards ceremony is crucial for press and future marketing. If you’re planning on sending out press releases about your event post-ceremony then good quality images to go with it could be the difference between you securing coverage or not being picked at all.

4. Build sales for next year

Fabulous photos of everybody looking glamorous and enjoying themselves will have people queuing to be part of next year’s event in any way possible – even 12 months before! You can also use the images to market next year’s ceremony when the time comes.

If you’re looking to make a real splash with your event, then Event Photos Melbourne can help – contact us to find out how to capture your next awards ceremony, and see what a difference professional photos can make.

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